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What makes my videos a better option?

Anyone can learn to film videos, but what sets mine apart is the devotion and care on every shot of film I take. My experience in filmmaking has opened doors that have bought me to new heights of unprecedented creativity hard to match with other professionals

Just Like an artist can bring a painting into a reality that we keep admiring. Like how every curve, line, and shade is done with utmost care to bring life into the pictures, so do I. I try to capture the motion of objects more than what meets the eye. The details are what I prefer. Giving a treat to the eyes of the viewer as if one has travelled through my ways.

And I keep sure my videos have a style and essence, that is my signature.

What experiences do I have in this field?

I have got a great opportunity to work with some best of the coalitions. Some examples are as follows, 

Qatar National Tourism Council, Royal Commission of Al Ula, Alpine F1 Team, TBD,  Marriott International, Nikon MEA, Sony MEA, Balich Worldwide Shows, Yousef Abdul Lateef Jameel Group, Arab News and so much more

What are my future strategies in videography that will make them unique?

My Vision? A journey that carries me to the heart and soul of beautiful cities, places and people, and imprints them into a reality that may outlast the best of us. The quality of my videos transcends the reality of recreating artificial beauty and imprints the essence of purity of the moment captured in clarity. A perfect blend of style, perfection and art.

I, RameezManama, create memorable stories with a vision that excels in what others observe with my videography.


Qatar National Tourism Council

Royal Commission of AlUla
Alpine F1 Team

Marriott International 

Nikon MEA

Sony MEA

Balich Worldwide Shows

Yousef Abdul Lateef Jameel Group

Arab News 

General Sports Authority

Five Guys Enterprises 

Dar Al Arkan Properties

The Traveling Panther
FBS Trade

Intercontinental Hotel

Landmark Group


Rolls Royce


© 2021 Rameez Manama 

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